The history of «Socmedicа»


In 2007 Gevorg Bledzhyants, the cardiac surgeon of A.N. Bakulev National Medical Research Center of Cardiovascular Surgery, and his colleagues decided to create artificial intelligence (AI) capable of predicting postoperative risks. It was the beginning of working on the United Medical Knowledge Base (UMKB) - the unique system that can describe any field of medicine, biology, and pharmacology and at the same time crowdsourcing platform by which healthcare professionals can share their clinical experience with colleagues. During three years the enthusiasts were collecting knowledge in tabular forms on the medical doctor salaries. Up to that point the Russian-language model of structured medical knowledge hadn`t existed. In the process of work, the idea of creating UMKB was supported by the scientific community.


In 2012 AO «Socmedicа» - the company creating IT products in the field of medicine was officially registered.


The UMKB project was launched in August. At this stage healthcare professionals and scientists from the largest scientific and medical centers of Russia joined the project of creating the United Medical Knowledge Base. Among them: National Medical Research Center of Endocrinology, Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry, Bakoulev SCCVS, I.M.Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Stavropol State Medical University, Scientific and Educational Medical Cluster of the North Caucasus Federal District «North-Caucasian», The Center for Healthcare Quality Assessment and Control of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.


  • The United Medical Knowledge Base (UMKB) became one of the largest formalized medical knowledge bases in Russia.
  • The working on the complex clinical decision support system (CDSS) "Hippocrates " was started on the basis of the UMKB. It contains 4 main algorithms: risk prediction and prevention; diagnostics; treatment planning; monitoring of the patient's health status. It helps healthcare professionals throughout all stages of treatment.
  • This year, after the presentation of "Hippocrates", our company received the status of the resident company of the Skolkovo Innovation Center.


The innovative product of CDSS "Electronic Clinical Pharmacologist" (ECP) was developed within "Hippocrates". ECP - is a unique program that assists the healthcare professional through the drug prescribing process. The program can be integrated into the medical information system (MIS) of a healthcare facility. It monitors prescriptions in background mode and gives recommendations at a prescriber’s workstation. ECP helps to reduce the risks of medical errors and complications in clinical practice.


The "Socmedica" team started working on the creation of another project of CDSS – "Electronic therapist assistant" (ETA). ETA is a system for supporting medical decision-making on the diagnosis of diseases. Based on the patient's complaints, analysis and results of laboratory research methods, the VAT determines the probable pathology and forms an epicrisis in order to refer the patient to a medical specialist.

2019 – 2020

AO «Socmedicа» developed eight innovative products based on artificial intelligence that became a part of the complex project "Hippocrates". They are intended for both: healthcare professionals and people who take care of their health.


The company continues to move towards the key objective - creating AI based on natural model. This is the first AI which is created in coordination with neuroscientists. It will go through all the stages of evolution from natural selection to supreme intelligence in the field of medicine! Over 100 clinical experts and specialists in various medical areas are involved in this work.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is UMKB?

UMKB - United Medical Knowledge Base - is the semantic kernel. It lies at the heart of developing AI in the field of medicine. Clinical decision support systems integrating into healthcare facilities are being developed based on UMKB.
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What are the real benefits of the company products for healthcare professionals?

Our products are created to diminish risks of medical errors, reduce complications in clinical practice and simplify the work of healthcare professionals. For example, the clinical decision support system "Electronic Clinical Pharmacologist" is already successfully working in healthcare facilities throughout the country.
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How is it possible to integrate the product into the clinic?

If you want to integrate one of our products into the clinic or another healthcare facility, please, contact us in the most convenient way: by e-mail
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How can I join the team of «Socmedicа»?

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